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Olga Viralta

Hi, I'm Olga!


Born in Barcelona.


I am a Certified Pilates Instructor, Pre and Post Birth Pilates, Qualified Instructor of Balance, Zumba, Core and Body Pump


I consider myself a dynamic, honest, empathetic animal lover and love to travel to discover other cultures and enrich myself with new experiences.


My passion in the world of sport started at a very young age, passed on by my family and this is how it all started in this world….


With more than 15 years of experience in the field of sports, my love for sports led me to work in different sports centers, perfecting the techniques I focused on, but at the same time training in different modalities.


All this knowledge has led me to adapt any type of training or class to the needs that a student may require, in order to give the best of himself in the practice of sports, regardless of his physical condition or health.


In those years of travel, I discovered Pilates, the benefits of which were a revelation to me. That’s why I decided to delve deeper into this modality.


I look forward to sharing my passion for Pilates with you soon!


See you!!



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